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Hurricane Prep for Your Broward County Roof

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Hurricane Prep for Your Broward County Roof

From June 1 to November 30 Broward County residents must keep vigil. This is hurricane season, a time in Florida that can evoke panic, but this anxiety can easily be squashed with proper preparation. Your roof is the first level of protection against violent storms, so a roof inspection prior to hurricane season is vital.

For shingle roofing systems, an inspection includes an exterior visual check of your roof for missing shingles, sunken areas, or curling shingles. Additionally, if you have noticed asphalt granules within your gutters or around your downspouts, let the inspector know. This could be a sign of degrading materials.

If you have a tile roof, further inspections should be performed. Tile roof maintenance is different from traditional asphalt roofing materials and metal roofing. With all types of roofing, it is imperative that you allow inspectors to look inside your home as well as outside for signs of damage. Pioneer Roofing has a multi-point inspection for hurricane readiness that includes checking for leaks inside the home. Leaks are typically apparent as stains on the underside of the roof or on the overhang. Rotted wood is also signs of interior water damage.

Flat roofs require different maintenance as well.  Sometimes an extra layer of waterproofing for your roof can be installed in the form of a coating. Many homeowners try to do this themselves, but it is not advisable. Preping the roof properly, installing primer and coating as per the manufacturer’s specifications can be improperly done if not trained properly.

Contact Pioneer Roofing today to schedule a hurricane-ready roof inspection. It is imperative that you start early so that repairs and retrofitting can be completed prior to hurricane season. Roof repair in Broward County is a continuous part of home ownership. Let the team at Pioneer Roofing help you feel safe and secure in your home throughout the summer months.

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