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What You Need to Know About Tile Roofing for Your South Florida Home

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What You Need to Know About Tile Roofing for Your South Florida Home

Tile is the most popular roofing product worldwide. It is durable and requires less maintenance than other typical American roofing products such as asphalt shingles and metal. Tile roof life expectancy in Florida supersedes that of shingles, and the beauty of a tile clay or concrete roof adds to your home’s resale value as well.

Tile roofs in Florida, the overarching name for roofing materials made out of tile, clay, or cement, are designed for long term performance. Typical issues with wear and tear, such as humidity, wind, and relentless sun exposure are not present with tile roofing materials. In fact, tile and concrete roofs have a much longer track record of performance, and modern design improvements allow for superb ventilation and natural water shedding.

Tile roofs are available in a variety of colors and different designs. Most people think of using them mostly on Mediterranean or Spanish style homes, but you see concrete and clay tile roofing materials on all architectural styles including historic homes, colonials, and contemporary designs.

Regular tile roof maintenance is guaranteed through inspections by a certified roofing company. With proper installation and inspections, tile roofing can withstand sustained winds of up to 150 miles per hour, an important benefit in our hurricane prone location. Some manufacturers even offer warranties up to 50 years, or the life of the structure.

There are a many types of roofs in South Florida and all have their own benefits and drawbacks. Tile roofs are able to provide long lasting beauty with low maintenance, but the weight of a clay or concrete tile roof can make it a difficult product to retrofit. Most homes of today are strong enough to support the weight of a clay or concrete tile roof, and there are also newer lightweight tile roofing materials available.

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